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Islanders Officially Release Fisherman Reverse Retro



New York Islanders, Reverse Retro

On Thursday morning, the New York Islanders officially released their 2022-23 Adidas Reverse Retro jersey, as the Fisherman logo is back on Long Island.

“I think it’s exciting,” New York Islanders head coach Lane Lambert said. “The players will be excited to wear it. I’m sure it’ll sell well. And, you know, it’s exciting. It’ll be fun to watch.”

The New York Islanders will wear these jerseys six times this season:

Dec. 10 vs. Carolina Hurricanes.
Dec. 23 vs. Florida Panthers
Dec. 27 vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
Jan. 12 vs. Minnesota Wild
Jan. 21 vs. Carolina Hurricanes
Jan. 28 vs. Vegas Golden Knights

Here’s the New York Islanders’ statement:

As part of the New York Islanders 50th Anniversary celebration, and in partnership with the NHL and Adidas, the team launched today the 2022-23 Reverse Retro jersey, which revitalizes the Islanders’ fisherman jersey from the ‘90s with a modern interpretation. The uniform presents a powerful head-to-toe navy blue color scheme complemented by clean orange and white trims. The center crest will feature dimensional raised embroidery of the historic Islanders’ fisherman logo with teal accents in the waves and on the hockey stick.


A leak of the jersey made its way around the internet on Wednesday night, and there was an immediate outcry from many members of the New York Islanders fan base for bringing back a logo that brought much heartache to the fanbase from 1995-1997.

The last time the New York Islanders wore the Fisherman logo on their crest was actually in the 2000s, as they wore them for warmups back on Feb. 3, 2015.

Everyone understands why the people who saw the Fisherman logo make its debut in 1995 are enraged with anything surrounding it. The Islanders, at the time, were a horrific hockey club that found themselves at the bottom of their division throughout its tenure.

It took the spot of the historical New York Islanders crest and made the team a laughingstock of the NHL. It tarnished the strong reputation of the organization, an organization that had won four straight Stanley Cups with the island.

But there’s a generation of Islanders fans, a younger generation, that can’t get enough of the Fisherman. The Islanders have been selling Fisherman apparel for years, and this decision will bring more money in for the team.

NYI Hockey Now will be doing a fan reaction piece to these new-look Fisherman sweaters, so leave a comment!


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