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Gotta See It: Alexander Romanov Levels Miles Wood, Gets Jumped



New York Islanders, Alexander Romanov

NEWARK, NJ–It was just two weeks ago when New York Islanders defenseman Alexander Romanov was jumped after laying a legal check on Philadelphia Flyers forward Kevin Hayes.

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Well, it happened again against the New Jersey Devils, as with 7:55 to go in the second period Alexander Romanov leveled New Jersey Devils forward Miles Wood in the New York Islanders zone.

It was a rather hard but legal hit which, as expected, the Devils took exception to. Immediately after the hit, Michael McLeod jumped Romanov, leading to a scrum in the corner.

Romanov received five minutes for fighting, while McLeod received a two-minute instigating penalty, a five-minute penalty for fighting, and a 10-minute misconduct. Tomas Tatar served McLeod’s fighting penalty.

“Clean hit. I can’t just let him skate through the four guys and score,” Romanov said.  “Just like, I never chasing guys. Never try to hit…destroy somebody, you know? It’s just a clean hit.”

Was Romanov shocked to see McLeod jump him?

“No, because after every hit, somebody tried to drop the gloves. Yeah, not surprised.”

Cal Clutterbuck and head coach Lane Lambert gave their thoughts:

“Love it. Love it. Amazing. It’s as clean of a hit as you are going to find, and that’s a statement,” Clutterbuck said.

“Well, I mean, first of all, I thought it was a great hit, clean hit, and it got our bench going for sure,” Lambert said.

When NYI Hockey Now spoke with Alexander Romanov following his hit on Hayes, he had this to say about being jumped after legal hits:

“I don’t know why guys doesn’t like clean hits now,” Romanov said. “Hockey has changed. Like 10 years, 15 years ago, like, it wasn’t even [big] hit. It wasn’t even big hit. That’s hilarious, you know. For me, it’s just fine because guys dropped the gloves after this. Like it’s not even hit.”


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