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New York Islanders Unveil Color Scheme for Reverse Retro Jerseys



Reverse Retro Jersey

Well, we know what the New York Islanders’ new Reverse Retro jerseys will look like.

The Islanders, along with the NHL’s 30 other teams, partially revealed what their new Reverse Retro jerseys will look like on Tuesday afternoon. It came hours after Adidas had released a teaser video with all 31 jerseys, but didn’t specify which was designed for which team.

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It was several hours later that we finally got an answer.

While the major clue in the original teaser video was 80 on the back of the jersey, which was a nod to the Islanders first Stanley Cup in 1980, the color scheme appeared to have more in common with the team’s look in the late 1990s and 2000s.

Navy blue was a staple of the Islanders’ jerseys from 1998 when the team moved away from the controversial fisherman jersey to a return to their original logo and colors. Navy blue was the main color in their road jerseys from 1998 until the NHL switched things and designated that team’s white jerseys would now be used on the road.

The navy bleu remained a part of the Islanders’ color scheme when they transitioned to the Reebok Edge jerseys in 2007. It remained that way until 2010 when the Isles permanently switched to a jersey design that more resembled their look in the 1980s and featured royal blue instead of navy.

The new league-wide Reverse Retro look is being billed as a fourth jersey.

What wasn’t revealed on Tuesday was what the logo on the front of the jersey will look like. Various reports suggested that some teams could be bringing back past logo designs for their Retro Reverse jersey, which gave hope to some Islanders fans that the team would resurrect the fisherman logo.

While originally it was widely unpopular with fans, it has seen a rebirth among the teams younger fan base that doesn’t attach the same symbolism as the older section did and still does.

The color scheme revealed on Tuesday would suggest that the team likely won’t feature it on this new jersey, but doesn’t entirely rule it out.