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Islanders Activate Varlamov, How Deadline Cap Space Works



New York Islanders netminder Semyon Varlamov

If you headed over to CapFriendly Monday morning and looked up the New York Islanders’ finances, you would have seen that they only have around $4.671 million in available space at the 2023 NHL Trade Deadline.

Less than a month ago, the New York Islanders had $10.895 million in expected deadline cap space.

Now, with netminder Semyon Varlamov being activated off of Injury Reserve, with Cory Schneider returning to Bridgeport, the Islanders now have $6.582 million in deadline cap space.

Explaining Deadline Cap Space Accrual

Over a course of a season, team can accrue deadline cap space, which allows them to bring in more contracts throughout the season.

An NHL contract is paid out over the course of a season, not at the beginning. That means when a team acquires that said player at the deadline, they are not paying the full extent of his contract.

PuckPedia’s Definition:

At the deadline, there are usually about 41 days left out of a 186-day season. That means that at the deadline, a player’s cap hit will only count 41/186 of their annual cap hit on the new team.

Therefore, a team’s projected cap space for the year can fit 186/41 (4.53) Annual Cap Hit at the deadline. For example, if a team has $1M projected cap space for the year and that accrues at the deadline, they can add $1M * (186/41) = $4.54M in Annual Cap Hit.

In layman’s terms, to make this a bit easier to understand, let’s say a dollar is a dollar at the start of the season. At the trade deadline, that dollar is worth $4 and 5 dollars come season’s end.

An Islanders example would be a player like Hudson Fasching, who makes $750 K. His contract would accrue to around $3 million at the deadline if he had played in every game this season.

A player like Mathew Barzal, who makes $7 million, will have his contract accrue to around $28 million at the deadline.

Let’s get to why the Islanders projected deadline cap space dipped over the last few weeks.

Why the Drop-Off in Projected Deadline Cap Space

As stated, the Islanders are dealing with the injury bug. As of now, they have five players on Injured Reserve and another player out day-to-day.

Those IR players hurt the cap because they are essentially carrying extra roster players. The fewer players a team carries, the better, which is why general manager Lou Lamoriello sends players to Bridgeport when he cans and tries to carry a 22-man roster.

There’s a reason why the Islanders, despite having two roster spots open, have not recalled anyone.

When Will Projected Deadline Get All the Way Back Up

The activation of Varlamov already has the New York Islanders projected deadline cap space rising.

The expectation is that Cal Clutterbuck could be activated out of IR before the Islanders take the ice against the Vancouver Canucks on Tuesday night. 

By the end of the trip, which ends on Jan. 6 in Calgary, the Islanders could get Kyle Palmieri back as well. That’s when we will likely see Aatu Räty get sent down.

Defenseman Robin Salo will likely be sent down at some point, but not until Adam Pelech returns–with no timetable there.

We could see Salo bounce to and from Bridgeport to help increase deadline space, as we have seen already this season.

Islanders Activate Varlamov, How Deadline Cap Space Works


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