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Islanders Players, Fans React to the Return of the Fisherman Jersey



New York Islanders, Reverse Retro

The Fisherman jersey is a touchy subject for New York Islanders fans given the image it portrayed back in the late 1990s. Over 30 years later, the New York Islanders have brought it back, with a bit of a modern spin, for their 2022-23 Reverse Retro sweater.

Islanders Officially Release Fisherman Reverse Retro

As one can expect, there were mixed feelings from the New York Islanders faithful, as one generation looks at the logo and thinks about what an atrocity it was, while another generation cannot get enough of it.

“They look great. I think it’s really cool refresh of the old fisherman logo,” New York Islanders captain Anders Lee said. “The orange and navy with the teal makes it pop.”

“Can’t wait to wear them.”

The New York Islanders will wear these jerseys six times this season.

“I think it’s exciting,” New York Islanders head coach Lane Lambert said. “The players will be excited to wear it.”

In an exclusive interview with amNewYork, Anthony Beauvillier and Matt Martin shared their thoughts on their new jersey.

“It’s going to be great,” Beauvillier said. “I love the Fisherman jersey, so I can’t wait to see it.”

Martin added, “I think it’ll be cool. I love our traditional logo but changing it up is always cool to put another jersey in your collection.”

Now to the fan base.

“Hideous about sums it up,” fan Frank Russo told NYI Hockey Now. “Hated it then, hate it now,” Matthew Makeiwich shared.

A few comments were about how the Islanders should have gone with the Lighthouse logo on the crest, the logo that was on the shoulders in the original Fisherman jersey.

“Should have just used the lighthouse. I would have bought it,” Joe Sinisi told us.”

“Worst logo ever. Embarrassing,” Mike Vevehommer said.

As mentioned, the New York Islanders were considered a laughing stock when they donned these jerseys from 1995-1997.

Their record in the “Fish Stix” sweaters was not pretty, going a combined 51-91-22 (22 ties),  finishing in last place in the Atlantic Division.

“It was an embarrassment then, probably the lowest point of the franchise with all that was going on,” fan Ryan Kelly told us. “So, to me, I associate it with everything wrong with the franchise. I don’t get the attraction, maybe because it’s just something different. I don’t understand why someone would move away from a uniform that represents the greatest American dynasty in sports.”

If we are being honest, it would not have mattered what jersey the Islanders wore during that time, as the team was non-competitive.

Now, not all the comments were negative. There were many fans who love the new jersey.

“Finally listening to the younger fans, something exciting besides Romanov for next year,” Michael Moisa wrote.

Even fans who did not appreciate the original Fisherman sweater are embracing this one.

“I embrace the good and bad history of this team! I didn’t hate it then, but I always want the original logo to be the main logo. I rock my fisherman hoodie all the time,” Erin Harrison said.

Regardless of anyone’s opinions, there is monetary value in the New York Islanders pushing the Fisherman jersey. It will sell, as the younger generation are fascinated with it.

Even New York Islanders head coach Lane Lambert knows it’s about making money. “I’m sure it’ll sell well,” Lambert said.

The good news for the fans that hate it is that it’s not taking over as the primary piece like it originally did and will be worn six times. For the fans who love it, now is your time to shine as they go on sale on November 15.

How the New York Islanders play with them on their backs will truly dictate the mood of these jerseys.

The New York Islanders will debut their new Reverse Retros on Dec. 10 when they host the Carolina Hurricanes.