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Rosner Wrap: Hockey Story, Barzal’s Heart is on LI, Landeskog Not Ready



New York Islanders

This is going to be a little different than the usual Rosner Wrap, as I have a crazy hockey story to share with you guys to kick things off. Then we will get to the New York Islanders stories to know for today, following day one of training camp.

If you do not know, I am a goaltender and on Wednesday night, I dealt with the most violent act that I have ever faced against me on a rink.

Here we go.

As the puck went into the corner in the second period of our game, a close contest knotted up at two, my teammate and an opponent got tangled up fighting for the puck, both falling down. The opponent, assuming that my teammate had tripped him, started wailing on him in the corner, my teammate being in a defenseless position.

For me personally, getting involved in fights is not something I usually do, but the teammate down was my cousin, and I wasn’t going to let this guy continue to hurt him.

I decided to skate over to him and push him off my cousin. What happened next was something out of Slapshot.

The opponent, following being pushed, swung his stick down at my head, not only knocking me down but cracking my helmet.

In total shock of what transpired, a laid down on the rink for a good five minutes. I kept my eyes closed, looking back not sure why. I did not lose consciousness. I could hear a scrum ensue. I heard the referee tell me to stay down. I heard the players get ejected.

Eventually, I got up and besides having a crack in the back of my helmet, a strapped snapped, I felt completely fine. That was probably the adrenaline-talking, but I felt good.

So I stayed in the game, a game in which we won, and i played pretty well.

After packing up my hockey bag and getting in the car, my head started to hurt. As I drove home, a 15-minute drive, I began to feel nauseous and then started to realize that I may not be okay. I got home, did the concussion with the light and the eye retraction method, and my eyes seemed fine. I stayed up for a few hours, as one should do when one take a blow to the head.

The next morning, the first day of training camp, I felt terrible. But we all have jobs to do, so I went to the rink, did what I had to do and then went to a walk-in clinic to get checked out. Turns out, I did have a concussion.

For those that reached out on social media, it was very much appreciated. I am currently talking to the league, a lawyer as we decide what to do next. The player has been banned indefinitely.

The end.

Here are the New York Islanders and NHL stories to know for today:

NYI Hockey Now: The New York Islanders kicked off training camp on Thursday morning, a three-group system, at Northwell Ice Center in East Meadow, NY. Before the start of training camp, we were given a few updates. Read up on those updates, how camp went and the initial, to early to pay attention to, line combinations. New York Islanders.

NYI Hockey Now: Throughout the offseason, questions have loomed regarding Mathew Barzal and a potential long-term extension to remain with the New York Islanders. Barzal is entering the final year of his contract (RFA) and has ben adamant about wanting to remain on the island. We caught up with Mathew Barzal following his skate on Day 1 of training camp. New York Islanders.

NYI Hockey Now: The New York Islanders signed three players on Wednesday, two returnees and one new player. Read up on their contracts, their importance to the organization as well as the stories from the last week. New York Islanders.

NYI Hockey Now: Week two of the NFL season is in the books, but with a new week comes a new promo courtesy of DraftKings sportsbook. Although the new promo does not guarantee you money, a successful $5 bet will land you a free $200. New York Islanders.

Boston Hockey Now: Boston Bruins general manager Don Sweeney was ready for the onslaught of David Pastrnak questions as Bruins training camp got underway Wednesday at Warrior Arena. Boston Bruins.

Washington Hockey Now:  The Washington Capitals are not oblivious to the fact that there’s a lot on the line in 2022-23. As they speak at media day, the players don’t hide anything or hold back when it comes to expectations for this year. Washington Capitals.

Montreal Hockey Now: When Mike Matheson met with the media today, he mentioned he was excited to play a more significant role with the Montreal Canadiens compared to his usage with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Montreal Canadiens.

Colorado Hockey Now: Today was day one of the Colorado Avalanche training camp, which means one thing… HOCKEY IS BACK! We started out with mostly the veterans in the first group. There were a few absences, however, for various reasons. Coach Jared Bednar later stated that Gabriel Landeskog is dealing with a lower-body injury and that he may be lucky to see any preseason action this year – and unlikely to start the regular season on time. Colorado Avalanche.

Vegas Hockey Now: “It’s night and day,” said Vegas Golden Knights captain Mark Stone as he compared his back pain before his surgery to where it is at right now as he and the VGK started training camp on Thursday. Vegas Hockey Now.

San Jose Hockey Now: Is the door still open for Joe Thornton to play for the San Jose Sharks? New GM Mike Grier didn’t slam it shut, when asked specifically in what capacity that Thornton would be welcome back to the Sharks. San Jose Sharks.

Dallas Hockey Now: The Stars began training camp on Thursday with three on-ice sessions, some off-ice work, and a whole lot of smiles to go around. Here are the notables from Day one. Dallas Stars.


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