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Betting on Hockey: What’s the Best Bets for Islanders Games? (Bet $5, Win $150 This Weekend)




It’s Saturday after 9:30 am, which means that sports gambling is now legal in the state of New York. There are a few legal sites, including DraftKings which is offering a promotion for new users.

If you are in New York and want to dabble with betting New York Islanders games, here’s some analytics for you regarding some common types of bets.

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Taking any team by the moneyline is the same thing as just taking the Islanders to win. If the final score ends in favor of the Islanders or any team you have placed money on, the cash is yours.

Taking the Islanders Moneyline

The Islanders have won 10 games this season. While their position in the standings may not be up to par with the expectations of management and the fanbase, the losses have helped sway the line. The Islanders have been underdogs this season and when their season resumes, may continue to play that role. That means they will more than likely be plus money depending on the strengths of their opponent.

The Islanders have won two straight before their break and each result does have an impact on the next game’s line.

The Islanders will be the home team for 10 of the next 11 games and given their current five-game point streak on home ice, may see the line favor them in a few matchups.

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Their first game back is against a divisional opponent and rival New Jersey Devils team that has dropped six of their last eight contests. The following game comes against a top team in the Metro in the Washington Capitals who have won six of their last 10 games and have picked up points in eight of them.

Safe to say the Islanders will be favored against New Jersey and underdogs against Washington.

Taking the Islanders Puck Line

In hockey, the term “puck line” refers to spread. In betting, the spread is the number of points, in this instance goals, that a team must win by. Unless it is a premier team against a weak, weak opponent, the spread will either be -1.5 or +1.5. The underdog in the contest will get the +1.5 which means that they either have to lose by a goal or win the contest. The -1.5 means that the team has to win by two goals, and in hockey, that is when empty net goals become an ally.

If a game goes to overtime, a puck-line bet automatically loses since a team can only win by one goal.

On the season, the Islanders have won nine of their 10 games by two or more goals.

Over and Unders

The over and under for a game is exactly what it sounds like. Based on the matchup, we usually see overs and under set around 5.5, 6. and at times 6.5 goals depending on the two teams’ offensive production.

The Islanders this season have scored the third-fewest goals per game in the NHL at 2.23. They have allowed 2.75, which brings the average goals in a game to 4.98 goals. Three out of the last four games for the Islanders have seen scores reach a total of 5 goals. That means the under has been more likely as of late. New Jersey have seen six of their last seven games go over 5.5 goals. Washington has seen four of their last six go over 5.5 goals.

Given the Islanders defensive system, especially over the last handful of games, backed by their average goals per game, the under is more than likely the best bet.

Other Types of Bets

If you rather not bet the “normal” types of bets, most sites offer a wide variety of bets like who will score first, which team will win the first, second, or third period, the final score…etc.

The Islanders have lit the lamp first this season in 16 of their 28 contest (.571) and have outscored their opponents in just one period this season. That one period has been the middle frame where they have netted 23 goals to their opponents 19. Opponents have outscored the Islanders 23-17 in the first period and 32-23 in the third period.

You could also bet after a game has started, called live betting. The lines will change based on what has already occurred in the game.


A future bet is a bet that deals with predicting the outcomes of the season. For example, if you think the Islanders will win the Stanley Cup, you can throw a wager on that right now.

The Islanders have made it ever so close to the Stanley Cup Finals now two years in a row and right now are at +6,000 to win. That means if you throw $100 on this, the payout is $6,000.

If you think the Islanders will win the Eastern Conference, that line is set at +3500, which means a $100 bet pays you $3500 if that comes to fruition.

Now there is a reason that this activity is called gambling or betting, and not winning. It’s a risk with your money so please bet responsibility. If you do have a gambling problem seek help or call 1-800-GAMBLERS.


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