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New York Islanders

New York Islanders Rank 12th in NHL Team Value Rankings



New York Islanders
Photo courtesy of New York Islanders Twitter

Forbes has released its list of NHL value rankings for the year 2022. The New York Islanders ranked 12th in the NHL, with a value of $1.02 billion. They have an operating income of $34 million and have risen seven percent in worth from last season.

The average value for an NHL team has risen 19 percent from last season and is now $1.03 billion

In 2014, New York Islanders owner Charles Wang sold the franchise to Jon Ledecky and Scott Malkin. Per the agreement, Wang would continue to be the majority owner until 2016. The reason for the two-year wait was solely due to the fact that the Islanders were on the move to Barclays Center for the 2015-2016 NHL season.

Wang owned the team in their “final season” at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum and their first year at Barclay’s Center.

Since Ledecky and Malkin have taken over, the New York Islanders have qualified for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, from 2018-2020, before missing the postseason in 2021-22.

In 2017, the Islanders won a bid to build an arena in Belmont Park. In August of 2019, the Islanders were officially approved, and on Sept 22, the Islanders broke ground.

In 2021-22, the Islanders debut UBS Arena.

With COVID-19 not as serious an issue this season, the fan support at UBS has been much stronger–as if this season was their first year in Elmont.

The valuation breakdown lists $412 million for market, $268 million for stadium, $206 million for sport, and $134 million for brand.

Here’s the full list of NHL value rankings from Forbes.

  1. New York Rangers- $2.2 billion
  2. Toronto Maple Leafs- $2 billion
  3. Montreal Canadiens– $1.85 billion
  4. Chicago Blackhawks- $1.5 billion
  5. Boston Bruins– $1.4 billion
  6. Los Angeles Kings– $1.3 billion
  7. Edmonton Oilers- $1.275 billion
  8. Philadelphia Flyers– $1.25 billion
  9. Washington Capitals– $1.2 billion
  10. Seattle Kraken- $1.05 billion
  11. Detroit Red Wings– $1.03 billion
  12. New York Islanders– $1.02 billion
  13. Vancouver Canucks- $1.01 billion
  14. Tampa Bay Lightning- $1 billion
  15. Pittsburgh Penguins– $990 million
  16. Vegas Golden Knights– $965 million
  17. New Jersey Devils- $960 million
  18. Dallas Stars– $925 million
  19. St. Louis Blues- $880 million
  20. Colorado Avalanche– $860 million
  21. Calgary Flames– $855 million
  22. Minnesota Wild- $850 million
  23. Nashville Predators- $810 million
  24. Ottawa Senators- $800 million
  25. San Jose Sharks– $740 million
  26. Anaheim Ducks- $725 million
  27. Winnipeg Jets- $650 million
  28. Carolina Hurricanes- $640 million
  29. Columbus Blue Jackets- $620 million
  30. Buffalo Sabres- $610 million
  31. Florida Panthers– $550 million
  32. Arizona Coyotes- $450 million

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