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Stan Fischler Honored at Blue Line Deli: ‘It’s So Good, It’s Called a Stanwich’



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Photo courtesy of Matt Fineman

If you don’t have a sandwich named after you at Blue Line Deli and Bagels, have you truly made it?

A few days after having the UBS Arena press level named after himself, the legendary hockey historian Stan Fischler made his way to the famous New York Islanders deli in Huntington, NY, to introduce “The Stanwich.”

His creation consists of hot pastrami, sauerkraut, chopped pickles, old fashion spicy mustard on a club.

“Well, when I heard about it, I thought this was a gag,” Stan Fischler said when asked to create his own sandwich. “But he wasn’t kidding around. The first thing I thought about was the first ever pastrami sandwich I had on a club [which] was at the SNL Deli…I’m talking about 1942. That’s a long time ago. That’s about eighty years ago.”

“And it took eighty years to find a better one. And it’s named after me.”

Don’t get things twisted thought. It’s not a sandwich.

“It’s not a sandwich. It’s so good it’s called a Stanwich, you see. You got to get that straight,” The Maven said.

For the 90-year-old Stan Fischler, having a sandwich named after him is of the highest honor.

“To have a sandwich named after me is roughly equivalent to having a press facility at UBS named after me.”

As for what he thought of Donald Rosner and the operation at Blue Line Deli:

“Well, Don Rosner was a name I had heard about, I would say, at least months ago, in relation to his Blue Line. And I was intrigued by it. Former colleagues of mine at MSG Networks live nearby. They’ve been there. They keep talking about what a wonderful, fabulous place it is,” Fischler said. “To actually meet Don, and to see the Rosner production there, was dazzling. If it was a movie, he’d get an Oscar. If it was T.V. he’d get an Emmy. I gave him the best thing I could give him…a hug.”

“Rosner created an inimitable thing, both as a gourmet thing and a hockey thing. Particularly an Islander theme is there throughout. He covers the entire rink. We talk about being a 200-foot player. He’s done a 200-foot job.”